Jack Griffeth

I grew up in Jackson County as the middle child between brothers, Bob and Joe. I started my medical career in orthopedic surgery but discovered passion for oncology at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I also found passion for the natural beauty and adventure of the Pacific Northwest. My love of caring for people came from observing my dad who practiced family medicine in Jackson County for 50 years, but my energy comes from my 95-year-old mom who remains active in her community and still lives on and manages the family farm.  I enjoy wind and water sports, snow skiing, cycling, hiking and travel and have been an avid beekeeper for over 20 years,  In fact, I learned many of my dance moves from carefully studying the dances of honeybees!  After beginning my oncology practice in Charlotte, North Carolina, I developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Soon after completing my own chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and surgery, I moved my family to Gainesville. Barbara, my beloved wife of 41 years, and I have two sons and a daughter – Will, Jackson and Kirkley Ann who have blessed us with nine grandchildren in six years! We all enjoy traveling together, sharing sport challenges, and just spending time together…..and, of course,  dancing!