Bill Coates – EMCEE

A native South Carolinian who has long called Georgia home, Bill is one of Gainesville’s major promoters. He and his wife Claire have lived here for 17 years and hope to be here for the rest of their lives. Pastor of First Baptist Church, deeply involved in the life of the community, he LOVES Gainesville and Hall County. (He has a PhD in English from the University of South Carolina, and he reckons he’s purty darn educated.)

After Bill’s spectacular dancing debut in 2016, the committee unanimously decided that he must come back for 2018. (Bill received a whopping 4.0 by the judges – which is superb because the scoring works like golf – the lower the score, the better the performance.) Being too modest and not wanting to out-perform several people who are members of his own congregation and others who are great friends, he agreed to be the EMCEE for 2017.

Bill Coates is thrilled to return again as the EMCEE for Dancing for a Cause 2018!

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