Haley Bower

Hey y’all! I was born and raised in Gainesville and have lived here for 33 years (with the exception of going out of state for college). I absolutely LOVE that I live in the Chicken Capital of the World! Where else in the world does a chicken get lit up for the holidays on the square like a Hallmark movie? In Gainesville, of course! I work for my family’s locally owned and operated business since 1933, Clipper Petroleum. I have two amazing parents, Tom and Maria Bower; 2 lovely sisters, Anna Bower and Caroline Filchak; the best brother-in-law, Ben Filchak; and the cutest and coolest nephew, Thomas Filchak! I have two four-legged children, Big Al (11) and Crazy Alice (1). In my free time, I enjoy hiking in the beautiful North Georgia mountains or going to my favorite local spots like Two Dog Cafe, Left Nut Brewery, and Diletto Bakery with friends and family. I am dancing for a cause because I want to support these amazing local nonprofits in our community. All 3 nonprofits help and support so many children and adults in our community and I want to do my best to support them this year! We all need to continue loving and supporting our neighbors — let’s do this, Hall County! I intend to win by dancing circles around Jenifer Dimo and Graham Williams! Watch out for these twinkle toes, you two! The battle is on! #can’ttouchthis