Will I get an acknowledgement letter for my donation?
You will NOT get an acknowledgement letter for donations LESS than $250. You may still take advantage of your donation for tax purposes, but will need to keep a receipt of your donation to do so.

From the IRS:

For a contribution of cash, check, or other monetary gift (regardless of amount), you must maintain as a record of the contribution a bank record or a written communication from the qualified organization containing the name of the organization, the date of the contribution, and the amount of the contribution. In addition to deducting your cash contributions, you generally can deduct the fair market value of any other property you donate to qualified organizations. See Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property. For any contribution of $250 or more (including contributions of cash or property), you must obtain and keep in your records a contemporaneous written acknowledgment from the qualified organization indicating the amount of the cash and a description of any property contributed. The acknowledgment must say whether the organization provided any goods or services in exchange for the gift and, if so, must provide a description and a good faith estimate of the value of those goods or services. One document from the qualified organization may satisfy both the written communication requirement for monetary gifts and the contemporaneous written acknowledgment requirement for all contributions of $250 or more.

(Source: http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc506.html)

How do I reserve a table?

You can reserve a table by sponsoring a dancer. 

Are individual tickets available?
Not at this time
How is the winner determined?
The fate of each celebrity is determined by both the judge’s marks and votes/money raised from the public. Scoring begins with the judges. During the performance, each judge will give the celebrity dancer a score of 1 to 10. For each dancer, our esteemed accountant will work out the “share” he or she received of the total points given by the judges that night. Their “share” is calculated as the percentage of the total number of points awarded to all contestants that night.
How should I dress for the event?
The event is black-tie optional, so dress in your finest.
When does the bar open?

The cash bar will open at 6pm.  Drinks can be purchased with a credit/debit card.  The buffet-style dinner will begin at 6:45 PM.

I purchased a table/ticket...
Guests who have purchased a table/ticket will receive an email a few days before the event letting them know their assigned table number.
Where do I sit?

The week prior to the event, you will receive an email with instructions and your table number.  Upon arriving, you may proceed to your designated table. In the event that you forget your table number, we will have staff available to help.

What about voting?

Vote for your favorite celebrity and make sure he or she brings home the coveted mirror ball trophy. Voting is open now and will be available on site at the event or through your Internet-enabled smartphone. Be sure to bring your cash, credit card, or checkbook to the event in order to make sure your vote counts!

Where will the event be held?

The event will be held at the Ramsey Conference Center at Lanier Technical College located at 2535 Lanier Tech Drive in Gainesville, Georgia 30507.

Cocktails will be served at 6 PM, followed by a buffet-style dinner at 6:45 PM. After that, the real excitement begins!

What to wear? Cocktail. Black tie is optional, but always looks great.

Cash bar.

Can I pay for a ticket/table or a portion of my ticket/table with funds from a family foundation or from my fund at the North Georgia Community Foundation?

The IRS is specific about several limitations on the types of grants that can be made from a Donor Advised Fund. The Foundation cannot make distributions from this Fund to support any activity from which a Fundholder, Advisor or related party will receive a benefit. Examples of personal benefit include tickets to fundraising dinners, raffle tickets, golf tournaments and/or swag bags provided as a part of either event, goods purchased at charitable auctions and other fundraising events. (North Georgia Community Foundation)

DAFs (Donor-Advised Funds) cannot be used to pay for tickets to fundraising events, galas or auctions if the cost of the ticket is not fully tax deductible. Specifically, DAF grants cannot be used to pay the tax-deductible portion of a ticket if the full cost includes both a tax deductible and non-deductible portion. https://www.nptrust.org/what-is-a-donor-advised-fund/grantmaking-rules/

Can [this rule] be avoided if a donor pays for the value of the goods/services received and the foundation pays the charitable portion? No. While this may seem like a logical alternative, splitting the cost is treated as self-dealing. If family members want to support and attend a fundraising event, they should contribute out of their own pocket, not the foundation’s. https://www.forvis.com/article/2019/01/beware-self-dealing-rules-around-private-foundations-event-tickets