Rena Millwood

Rena is originally from Spartanburg, SC, and has lived many places before finally calling Gainesville home in 2006. She has two boys; KJ (18) and Conley (16). Thanks to their passion for sports, Rena has been able to connect with the community through coaching, both at Hall County Park and Rec and Lakeview Academy. They attend Lanier Christian Church Lakeside Service. Rena currently serves on the board at Lakeview Academy and is the board chair for the tennis committee at Chattahoochee Country Club. When she is not flipping houses, you can usually find her on the tennis court or hanging out with her boys. She decided to take part in Dancing for a Cause to raise money for these wonderful organizations but mostly so she can finally learn how to do the “floss”! Her dancing skills may be limited, but she is super competitive and won’t go down without a fight!

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